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Blobosom – A Zombie Could Break Her Heart

Must be Italian.


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Blobosom – Kitten Years

Instagram: @mit_ein_y




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Afishionado & Adirbionado – 03.24.09 mspaint drawings

ms paint drawing

Harold the fish knows everything there is to know about the opposite sex, even though they all look the same and their attention span is only five seconds long. He considers himself an Afishionado. He knows everything there is to know about the opposite sex and reminds himself every five seconds, that he knows everything there is to know about the opposite sex, that they all look the same, and that their attention span is only five seconds. His name is Harold, and he is an Afishionado, an expert of the opposite sex, they all look the same, but his attention span isn’t very long. But he is the opposite sex of the opposite sex and he reminds himself that he has a short attention span and that his name is Harold, afishionado who looks like every other afishionado.


ms paint drawing

Franklin the Dirb knows everything about dirbs, he’s an adirbionado. Ask him a question about dirbs, he’ll tell you. He’ll tell you that dirb’s are sophisticated, he’ll tell you that some dirbs are good and some dirbs are bad. He’ll tell you that dirbs prepare very good meals for their dirblings. He’ll also tell you that only dirb hookers carry the diseases, not every dirb is infested.

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Blob Smells the Flowers

Taken from Blob’s Corner:
(photo taken by March Postcard recipient)

Hello all!

Blob here on a glorious Sunday telling you about some more things I’ve been up to. You wouldn’t believe what I did lolz! I’m so happy about it because it made me smile. Anyway, I got to sniff a flower!

Here I am doing that:

I kinda look pretty!


Blob out


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