September Book

Back in August, it hadn’t rained in months. Everything was brown and dry, fires were starting everywhere. In June, I called the fire department during a 10 mile run when I spotted a 40ft tall brush fire by the river. So I got an idea to make a postcard book about how dry it was.

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it, so I whipped up something else and the book got postponed for September. Winter starts in 3 days, and I just now finished it.

The postcard book is titled, “It hasn’t rained in months” and consists of 109 drawings, each hand drawn by pen and colored pencil. Overall 116 were mailed.

Check out the interactive book here:

September book

If you would to be included in the Postcard Project thing, you can by going over to my etsy shop and signing up for a measly $5.

Postcard Project 2012 $5 **

Join the Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter:

**If you’re already on the list from the 2011 Postcard Project, there is no need to buy the item (this item only helps me cover postage for the year, no profit whatsoever). But if you do want to help, this is one way you could. Another way is to donate through paypal, anything helps! 🙂


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