March Blob Cutout

This month I put Blob in charge of postcards. He licked 133 stamps and mailed them all to those who signed up to receive them. With this postcard, the recipient is to cut Blob out and photograph him at places they go.  Then they can tag him on his faceblast page.

So far this year, 368 postcards have been mailed.

Taken from Blob’s Corner:

Hi all, Blob here with an update!

I was in charge of March postcards. It’s me of course! lolz!

I like going places and so I want you to take me to those places that you go to, so that i can go there. Kinda like a circle of life kinda thing, minus the eating of people. roflz! I’m also on Faceblast, so you could be my friend if you want me to be one. rawr!

A lot of peeps have been taking me places, so go look at them!

Anyway, this is what it looked like:

Blob out!


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I mail postcards every month to over 100 people.
If you would like to be included, visit my etsy shop and sign up for only $5!


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