June Accessories

Blob has been visiting so many places lately, but I think he forgot to pack his suitcase full of stuff he likes to wear.  I wanted to make sure he had everything, so June Postcards were cutouts of his accessories.  130 postcards were mailed out in June for the 2012 Postcard Project, so now Blob can have more fun!  If you didn’t know, Blob has a blog called Blob’s Corner, you should check it out.

If you would to be included in the 2012 Postcard Project thing, you can by going over to my etsy shop and signing up for a measly $5.

Postcard Project 2012 $5 **

Join the Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter:

**If you’re already on the list from the 2011 Postcard Project, there is no need to buy the item (this item only helps me cover postage for the year, no profit whatsoever). But if you do want to help, this is one way you could. Another way is to donate through paypal, anything helps! 🙂


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