July Chalkboard

We have had another hot and dry July, so for the 2nd year in a row, we’re celebrating National Ice Cream Month for The 2012 Postcard Project Thing. 117 people received a postcard this month bringing the 2012 total to 854 so far. Awhile back, I painted a portion of a wall in my apartment with chalkboard paint, and I had a huge 3ft x 5ft frame just laying around, so this is what I came up with… a floating chalkboard. You can check out last years National Ice Cream Month postcard HERE.

If you would to be included in the 2012 Postcard Project thing, you can by going over to my etsy shop and signing up for a measly $5.

Postcard Project 2012 $5 **

Join the Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter:

**If you’re already on the list from the 2011 Postcard Project, there is no need to buy the item (this item only helps me cover postage for the year, no profit whatsoever). But if you do want to help, this is one way you could. Another way is to donate through paypal, anything helps! 🙂


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