July Ice Cream

Did you know that waaay back in 1984, actor Ronald Reagan invented National Ice cream month? Well now you do! And it’s a good thing you know that now considering July was one of the hottest months we have had in a long time. So I hope you all enjoyed many gallons of delicious ice cream. I know I sure did! This month, over 100 people got this postcard:



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Edit 12.27.11
I mail postcards every month to over 100 people.
If you would like to be included, visit my etsy shop and sign up for only $5!


One thought on “July Ice Cream

  1. There are many things I like about this, and considering my current state of mind, liking anything is literally remarkable. The color and composition are very enjoyable, reminding me of a cup of tea; ironic when one is discussing a postcard about ice cream, but there it is. Maybe it’s because this a cold November night. I will have to remember to check again in the summer and see if it hits me differently. I also like very much that you drew it on a paper towel– a stained one, at that. It works and it’s creative. And I especially like the fact that you referred to Raygun as an actor, which is the most he was ever qualified to do. The obvious appeal of your drawings is a given.

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