Q: How long have you been doing these drawings?
A: Since 2003

Q: How did you come up with your characters?
A: I straightened out a wire hanger and taped a stick of charcoal to the end of it. I laid an 18×24 sheet of paper on the floor, and in a standing position, I began to draw a skeletal looking figure. The rest is history.

Q: What program do you use now?
A: After the charcoal wire hanger experiment, I took the figures into MS Paint. They evolved immensely throughout the years. Since 2010, I have primarily used Photoshop.

Q: Do these characters have names?
A: Yes they do!

  • Y is the main guy, he has arms and legs and typically plays on words.
  • X is the female counterpart to Y, she wears her heart on her sleeve.
  • Blob Fitzgerald (Blob) is the triangular looking green thing. He is normally Y’s sidekick. He enjoys ham and updating his status on Faceblast. He aspires to be like Y and has his own blog, Blob’s Corner.
  • Dirb Calloway is the bird character. He loves the finer things in life and can normally be heard tweeting about film, music, art and pop culture.
  • Blobette and Dirbette are the female counterparts to Blob and Dirb.
  • Cloudy is a character of solitude and doesn’t have too many friends.
  • Neo is the Ice Cream Man.  He is wacky and likes to dance.
  • Sticky is normally depressed, but what does one expect of a guy without arms and legs?
  • Other characters include Fishy (the fish), Turd (the turtle), Helio (Balloon), and The Hearts, Artery “Art” and Aorta.

Q: Can I be Blob’s friend on Faceblast?
A: You sure can, go ahead and add him!

Q: What is Dirb Calloway’s Twitter account?
A: @DirbCalloway

Q: Is there a Facebook Group for Y’s Drawings?
A: Yes, you can find it Here

Q: I’m interested in bigger pieces from you using your characters. Would you be interested in creating something for me?
A: Definitely! Just let me know what you’re looking for. withaydrawings@gmail.com

Q: What is your rate?
A: It just depends on the project and how much time it takes. We can talk and come up with something.


Q: I’m on the Postcard list, but I just moved. How can I submit a change of address?
A: Email your current address to withaydrawings@gmail.com

Q: How can I sign up to be on the Postcard list?
A: You can sign up at my Etsy Shop for as little as $10

Q: How many hours do you put in each month making postcards.
A: Depends on the month, it can take up to 40 hours

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I enjoy it! I believe people should do what they’re passionate about. Who doesn’t like getting postcards in the mail?

Q: How many postcards do you mail out each month?
A: Since 2011, over 3,000 postcards… so around 100 each month

Q: Doesn’t it get expensive?
A: Supplies aren’t too bad. Paper, Ink, Pencils, Erasers. The majority of the cost goes to stamps, and sometimes I have my artwork sent off to get printed so that it will look more professional (July Ice Cream / August Picnic / October Halloween / December Ornaments / February Leap Day / March Blob Cutout), so that can get a little expensive.

Q: How much is a stamp?
A: 33 cents.

Q: So for $10 I can sign up to be on the postcard list? That doesn’t seem to bring you a profit. Can I give you more?
A: $10 basically covers postage and supplies for the year. If you would like to donate more, you can do so by clicking the donate button on the main page.

Q: What if I sign up mid-way through the year, will I receive the prior months?
A: Original postcards that I hand draw are made to order, so unless I make more than requested, no. Some months I have plenty left over, so it just depends.  Typically, whenever you sign up, that’s when your year starts.


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