Blob Climbs the Beanstalk

Taken from Blob’s Corner:
(photo taken by March Postcard recipient)

Herro! Blob here to tell you stuff. Been awhile since I went places, but guess what?! I finally did. So I went to a magical place where large things terrorize people and stuff, like giant kittens and scratchposts and the whooziewhatnots! Not not Indiana! Think more like world 4 in super mario bros 3! Anyway, the way I got there was by climbing a beanstalk up into the clouds. I ran into some giant that wanted bread, but all I had was a turnip, so I threw it at him and missed. close call! I won though, somewhow! LOLZ!

Anywho, here I am climbing the beanstalk of doom to get to the top of it. Never could catch a ride of the back of a kitten taxi though. 😦


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