August moved to September, New August Postcard Coming Soon!

I posted this a week ago, but I have been a little busy lately and haven’t had much time to make progress. This postcard idea is still going to happen and will be moved to September. I have instead put together something else for August, something that will be a bit more fitting. Anyway, you should get the new August postcard by the end of the month! Thanks for understanding!


I started on the August Postcards last night… well, I haven’t technically put the pencil to the postcard yet. I’m still in the brainstorming phase and jotting down ideas. I’m not going to tell you what the theme is, but I can tell you that after 5 or so years, I’m finally getting around to doing it. Each one will be different, hand drawn, and mailed out to those on the list. This is going to take a lot of my time, but the goal is to try to get them out by the end of the month, which is turning out to be a very busy one at that. Next week is my 30th birthday, so I’m running 30 miles. Find out more at my running blog. I’m also moving down the block a week later, so much of my time will be consumed with packing and unpacking.

If you feel like donating a couple bucks or so, you can through paypal by clicking on the button below. And if you feel like joining the postcard list, you can sign up for $5 at my etsy shop.

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