The 2011 National Ice Cream Month Postcard

Since today is the last day of National Ice Cream Month, I thought I’d put up the postcard from July 2011.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Did you know that waaay back in 1984, actor Ronald Reagan invented National Ice cream month? Well now you do! And it’s a good thing you know that now considering July was one of the hottest months we have had in a long time. So I hope you all enjoyed many gallons of delicious ice cream. I know I sure did! This month, over 100 people got this postcard:



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Postcard Project 2012 $5 **

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**If you’re already on the list from the 2011 Postcard Project, there is no need to buy the item (this item only helps me cover postage for the year, no profit whatsoever). But if you do want to help, this is one way you could. Another way is to donate through paypal, anything helps! 🙂

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