Problems – 04.08.09 – mspaint drawing

ms paint drawing

Every Saturday morning throughout Harry’s adolescent years, his mother made him pancakes while he watched cartoons. She had made enough to feed a pancake kitchen full of Harrys, but froze what he couldn’t eat into zip-lock baggies. After school, Harry would unthaw the frozen pancakes and eat them as a snack. This was the beginning of his pancake craving. Harry became obsessed with pancakes. He tried blueberry pancakes, cinnamon pancakes, pancakes with peanut butter, pancakes with ketchup, grilled cheese pancakes, upside-down pancakes, anything he could think of. On Halloween during his sophomore year in high school, Harry dressed up as a stack of pancakes. On Arbor Day four years ago, Harry made strawberry chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream for a dartball league who had been busy planting trees all day. Harry had a dog and cat, Hotcake and Flapjack. He converted his first wife of France to love pancakes more than French Toast. It was clear Harry had developed some sort of problem during his youth, he had fallen in love with pancakes.

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