Blob’s Biscuitball Game & His Favorite Dave Matthews Bacon Songs

Taken from Blob’s Corner:
(photo taken by March Postcard recipient)

Hi! Blob here to tell you about my breakfast adventure!

I went to a biscuitball game the other day and people were running up and down the plate knee deep in GRAAaaavVY! lolz. I love the sport, Bacon with the syrup, he dips… he scores! Love that game. Now that’s hawt!

Which reminds me of this: Did you know that all Dave Matthews songs are about breakfast? It’s true. my favorite song is lie in our gravy. here is a lyric from that:

“would you not like to be sitting on top of the world with your legs in gravy?” lolz!

Here are my other favs:

American Gravy – I want you to stay, beautiful gravy, american gravy.

Too Much (Gravy) – oh jelly jam, got some gravy on my biscuits and ham, suck it up lick it up eat it up, til no more. i’m not into crepes like waffle house pancakes, if i’m not satisfied the hunger keeps on growin, because i eat too much, i drink too much, want too much, gravy.

Gravy Street – she lives on the corner of gravy, and the edge of my plate

One Sweet Pancake – one sweet pancake, and in my mouth it’s swimming and then you’ll rest in syrup.

Bacon Lay Down – oh please bacon, lay down, spend this time with me.

Twilight Ham – And that’s why I am, sitting here with the groo grux gravy

Don’t Drink the Gravy – Don’t drink the gravy, there’s blood in the gravy!

Crash (into gravy) – I will be your bacon, chicken, if you be my honey baked ham, and we will walk together, down in breakfast land. Crash in to gravy!

Lolz! fun times! There are so many others too.

Anywho, here I am at the biscuitball game:


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