Shop Updated!

I finally have a shop through Etsy! I only have a few items at the moment, but plan on adding more soon. Right now I just have coffee mugs, a six pack assortment of Movember Postcards, a $5 membership to The 2012 Postcard Project Thing, and also a book that contains all 70 postcards that I mailed for Valentines Day last year.

If you live here in Indianapolis, I will refund you the shipping cost for the items in my Etsy shop. We will just have to meet up, maybe for coffee.

Prints! I have prints for sale through Society6. This is my temporary solution until I start making my own prints (hey, I’ve been busy, but I’m working on it!) They come in different sizes, you can buy it framed if you would like, stretched canvases are also available for some of the drawings! You can check my page out HERE.

Mugstache - $14

Pennyfarthing Mug - $14

Six Mustache Postcards $6

If you want to be included in the 2012 Postcard Project thing:

Postcard Project 2012 $5 **

The Valentines Day 2011 Postcard Book Thing!

V-Day Postcard Book - $50

Join the Facebook Group and follow me on Twitter:

**If you’re already on the list from the 2011 Postcard Project, there is no need to buy the item (this item only helps me cover postage for the year, no profit whatsoever). But if you do want to help, this is one way you could. Another way is to donate through paypal, anything helps! 🙂

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