The only one drinking – 01.29.09

MS Paint Drawing

When I turned 30, I wondered where all my time went. Then I realized that a lot of that time went down the drain at some rusty urinal at some crusty bar. I don’t drink alcohol and I rarely drink to socialize with the drunkards, but I do enjoy writing and I write to socialize. For years I was determined to write the most clever thing I could think on the urinal walls at bars and then drop some eaves over the discussion two tables away. “Some guy wrote, ‘the joke is in your hand’ on the bathroom wall, that’s hilarious!” Yep, that originated from my brain and spread like wildfire in surrounding areas. Some of them have been great! The best one I ever wrote was, “She’s using you to get to your sister!” But many prefer the classic, “Sally’s tits are fake!” I hope one day you’ll see my work!

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