Christmas Postcard 2011

Merry Christmas! This month I wanted to do something special for everyone, so I decided to turn the postcard into ornaments.  I mailed 108 postcards this month(1170 total for the year).  I hope you all like them, but I hope you don’t mind the ink stamp on top of them… I noticed they got a little messy, sorry!

See you next year!

If you would like to be included in the monthly postcard mailing, please send your mailing address to and you’ll get one too.

Also, If you would like to help fund stamp money, you can donate whatever you want by clicking the donate button below.


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Postcard 2011

  1. Juvy says:

    I absolutely LOVED it. Loved the dimensions. I do not want to cut it out though, so I may make a color copy and cut it out that way.

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