Tall Day

October 19, 2009

Sally Sue and Last Call Paul were dining at Qdoba a couple weeks ago with their toddler, poopy pants. Sue and Paul sat across from each other in what looked to be a text message fight while poopy pants flung burrito at the wall. Just then Paul said, “Oh my God! Did you see what Kiki wrote? She said, “I’m having a tall day!” Isn’t that soooo funny?” Hahaha.” They laughed hysterically for ten minutes. It was like that scene from The Big Lebowski where Maude Lebowski and that bald guy with the weird ‘stache laughed at some inside joke while the dude sat there in confusion. Poopy pants had a good time too.

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3 thoughts on “Tall Day

  1. Juvy says:

    Where oh where do you come up with that stuff?

  2. heartofbella says:

    too cute 🙂

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