Axe Commercial

It’s that time of the year again, Monday afternoon. What does that mean? Oh, let me put it this way… now I know how Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf felt when he was stationed in Agra India back in ’89, where he spent much of his freetime over at the Taj Maballs, the fanciest little stripshrine east of the middle east, also recognized by many as the ninth wonder of the world. You see, when Stormin’ Norman entered the club, the ladies went wild, pure blitzkrieg up in the shrine. It was as though Stormin’ Norman was the Large Hadron Collider and someone switched him on, causing him to be the center of a black hole, sucking everything Sodom and Gomorrah towards him. Yep, that’s how I feel on Mondays.

Jayson Meyer ©

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