So Cute in my Pocket

People can be so cute sometimes, so cute that other people want to put them in their pocket. The expression came about when Frenchman Jean DeVino-Frappe met an Italian broad. She was as cute as a button, but that expression is a different story. Anyway, Jean saw the Italian girl and he told her that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he wanted to keep her close by. Well, this translated differently into Italian, and the lady freaked out and thought he meant he was going to shrink her down to the size of a mouse and keep her as prisoner in his pocket. I’m sure he would’ve popped her an M&M or two to keep her quiet though. So there you have it, so cute I want to put you in my pocket.

Jayson Meyer ©

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One thought on “So Cute in my Pocket

  1. haha, aww – that little tale is so cute i want to shrink it and put it into my e-pocket. 😛

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