Next on Maury – “Who’s the Father?” (Mime Reenactment)

I graduated from Mime School of the Arts in 2003, third in my class. Horrible lifestyle choice. I spent four years trying to get my point across to make a decent living, but it was impossible to rise up that invisible ladder. It wasn’t until I made an appearance on the Maury Povich show last December that I felt I had hit rock bottom… theme of the week: Who’s the Father? Ms. Pantsworth The Mime got around, and apparently with five other Mimes. She had a baby mime and just needed to know who the daddy was. The crowd dropped dead as the eight of us reenacted the silent love octagon, narrowing down the father one by one. Turns out I wasn’t the father, turns out it was a hilarious show.

Jayson Meyer ©

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