Broad with a Package

Gary’s friends thought it would be really nice to do something for him for his 36th birthday since he had been alone for quite some time. He had received dozens of gifts that day including a brand new stapler, a shot glass in the shape of a chicken and a cell phone charger from Bill, who borrowed it and subsequently was eaten by his dog. These were all just little gifts, nothing major… at least not until after lunch. A tall woman, manlier than Gary stood at his desk waiting for him. In her hands was a package. With speculation that it was a prank, Gary asked, “Are you a tranny or just another broad with a package?” The woman replied, “I’m just happy to see you, open this.” She handed him the package, it was weightless. He proceeded to open the package with caution, peeling off the sunday comic wrapping paper and opening the cardboard flaps only to find a note which read, “The joke is in your pants, happy birthday.” Unlike Gary’s package, he felt all the weight in the world was on him and first in the waiting line was a broad with a bigger package than his.

Jayson Meyer ©

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