Old Wives Tale

So I’m at this party talking to this gorgeous girl, and I go with the old “I want you to feel sympathetic for me” angle. So there we were, I was telling her about how my wife was killed in a car wreck and it has been five years since I’ve been able to get back out there into the game, because I was so emotionally distraught… until now. I told her after seeing her, I was ready. She was really digging me too, very vulnerable, very insecure, just got dumped, and I’m quite the good looking stallion, so I was money. Well there we were, I was within minutes of closing the deal with this girl, then my wife comes over and says, “Honey! Are you telling that old wives tale again, about how I died in a car wreck?!” Then she looks at the emotionally collapsed has-been of a gorgeous girl and says, “Haha, I swear he’s trying to get rid of me, he tells that story to every insecure gal with major problems.”

Jayson Meyer ©

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