Man Takes a Grain of Salt and Takes it with a Grain of Salt

Early Monday morning, as a result of a rookie lawyer, a man from Messerville North Carolina was sentenced to three months of jail time with six months probation for theft of a grain of salt from Læsø, a large island off the coast of the Danish mainland.  Upon arrival of the boat, the grain of salt was discovered in his pants pocket and was taken into custody.  Jimmy P — 32 years old, stated that while visiting “friends” on the island, one friend “gave [him] a grain of salt as a gift.”  The 32 year old said he accepted the grain of salt, yet remained skeptical as to why he was receiving it as a gift.  Læsø Salt can be purchased for 150 Danish kroner per kilo ($29 USD), or 2 cases of American beer, more than what his lawyer cost.

Jayson Meyer ©

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