Bus Driver Stripper Dreams of The Best of Both Worlds Simultaneously

Franksburg is a small hamlet within the municipality of Regen in eastern Ontario Canada.  Franksburg has everything one  needs from local taverns to strip malls to strip clubs.  Its inhabitants are one-of-a-kind innocent dreamers who were born dying but dying to live their dream.  Take local bus driver Flora Patterson-Rosecrest for example, she transports townies from place to place, interacting with the many faces of Franksburg’s finest.  Bus driver by day and stripper by night, Miss Patterson-Rosecrest dreams of having the best of both worlds simultaneously someday by utilizing the poles in the bus and opening up the very first bus stripclub.  She plans on calling it the StripBus, but hasn’t settled on a managable fare, but as a Franksburg dreamer, I dream that it will still only cost 50 cents to board.

Jayson Meyer ©


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