Do I miss you?

Steve stopped going to Bertha’s Cafe up on 10th street because the last time he was there, there was a roach in his ham sandwich.  He read in the paper that they had to shut down for a few weeks to clean up the kitchen and spray for more pests that may be around.  Upon reopening, one day he returned to Bertha’s Cafe for a cup of coffee.  Bertha apologized and was so glad she didn’t lose Steve as a customer, she was always quite fond of Steve.  In fact, Steve was speculating whether or not Bertha may have been too fond of him.  When she asked, “Did you miss me Steve?”  Steve didn’t know what to say, of course he didn’t really miss her, he didn’t know her other than the fact her kitchen is dirty, she’s a rather large lady and that she took a liking of him.  He didn’t want to hurt her feelings and didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, but he somehow twisted his words in response to the question and immediately realized afterwards what he had said.  “Of course I missed you, how could I not  miss a girl your size?” 

In Loving Memory of Steve

Jayson Meyer ©

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