There are plenty of things out there that could use a bailout at this horrible time.  We have the stock market that wants a bailout, we have the auto industry wanting a bailout… hell, even the porn industry wants a bailout because they say their sales of 2008 were down 20 percent.  We all need a bailout, but think of the people in jail, they could probably use a bailout more than anyone who invests in stocks while driving to work in the morning, watching porn on their 32″ LCD in their SUV.  That’s why I invented a brand new moisture infusing body cleanser.  It’s called, “Bailout Soap”  tagline:  Stop the Drop, Hope with Soap!  Bailout Soap!

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2 thoughts on “Bailout

  1. sizzlinsenior says:

    We all knew there would be lots of jokes whirling around that story!

  2. Mark T. Market says:

    I posted recently the ongoing debate between Peter Schiff and Steven Leeb who represent the two sides in the heated argument regarding bailouts and government intervention.

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