Sometimes it really does get so lonely in here.  Take for example everyone in this apartment unit, it’s so lonely they haven’t even received  mail.  Wanna hear a great story?  I sang to my chicken breasts tonight, it’s healthy you know, singing to your food.  They say it’s good for your heart.  The problem is my heart got up and walked out the door a few days ago, both suitcases in hand, basically it was stolen.   So of course I had to videotape the song that I sang to my chicken breasts, so I can mail my heart my tape, but I’m too embarassed.  Just a figure of speech… but anyway,  you see, the chicken breast reminded me of my ex and I just lost it.  It was kind of our thing, so it’s more of a sad song than a lullaby for food.  I guess the other problem is the fact I can’t mail the tape to my heart, because it belonged to the mailwoman, my ex.  So to answer your question, no I haven’t received any of your mail by accident.

Jayson Meyer ©  

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